Shipping + Returns

Every Item under the Zin + Bert is homemade and all the concrete items are made within out studio in Melbourne.

Once payment is received, shipping will be issued from shop within 3 working days.
The item will also be packaging in cardboard, bubble wrap and foam to make sure it gets delivered to your door that same as we packaged it and not damaged in any way.

Shipping methods is through courier service, we also accept express post which is at a different charge.

*International shipping is avaliable for concrete items. Please contact us and we can let you the postage cost for your address.

Zin + Bert is happy to exchange faulty products so long as the fault is their own and not due to careless storage or use.
Every piece created has been tested and also every effort has been taken to make sure the product that is sent out to you is of the finest quality. 

Once your hands it is up to you to make sure the item you have purchased is kept in the original condition it was sent to you in.